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Mar 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
of entrepreneurs capitalizing on states legalizing pot. president obama making the short trip from jerusalem to the west bank this morning, he's meeting with palestinian leaders. the president is on its first visit to the middle east since becoming president. and finally, for anyone that grew up in the '70s, or '60s and '7on 0s like i did, you're not going to know anything about this. but the lead obituary in the "new york times," this is a big deal, believe it or not. harry reen, who was the first bona fide male adult film actor. he was the star of "deep throat." obviously. he was paid $250 to appear in that movie and it earned $6 00 million. he died at the age of 65. he he became a first amendment cause celeb. allen dirchuwitz represented him at one time. handle bar moustache. tae, but i would not bring that up, other than it is the lead obituary in the "new york times." $250 and the grossed $600 million. anyway, he's gone and we're going to go to break. [ male announcer ] what?! investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over
Mar 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
bank, would you leave it in there? >> it's really that much different than obama care? you're sure? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> we're pretty -- our idea is why not take for the preschool program, take 10%, why not pay for solar energy and alternative energy development? why not pay -- if obama gets started on this -- >> joe and i have agreed that we're going to compensate -- what do you want to see, 20%? >> we'll start at 20. we'll start at 20. >> as we spend it all, we're going to need more. we're going to need the preschool, we're going to need solar energy. >> i thought i was completely wrong this what it was. >> it's an island, isn't it? >> it's an island. >> but it shows you how interconnected it is. >> i know. and fait accompli, he said i got there and is they were doing it. >> what if you found out that your bank got taken over by the fdic and the insurance that you thought protected your money was not there, that it was wrong? that's the problem. >> and by the way, 10% of your money is gone, too. >> explain to the eurozone just waking up exactly what -- >> carolin is goin
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
, china's exchange rate controls sigh better spying and president obama leaves tonight for israel. no major policy breakthroughs are expected. this is the president's first visit to the west bank since moving into the white house. i think he was there maybe before becoming president. >>> why don't we take a look at the markets this morning. down day, up day, down day, futures are barely budging. dow futures up by less than 2 points. s&p futures up by less than one point. yesterday, it was the biggest losses. financials led the decline all day long, but in the afternoon selling picked up in energy stocks, materials, consumer discretionaries. if you're watching oil prices this morning, you'll see at least at this point they are down by 16 cents, 93.58. the ten-year notoriety now is yielding 1.942%. let's take a look at the dollar this morning. you'll see it stronger against through at 1 is.2933. the dollar/yen is 95.35. the dollar up across theed board, except weaker against the pound right now. gold price ves barely budged a little weaker, down 2.60. $1,602 an ounce. >> it's now ti
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
. >>> welcome >>> welcome back. we're looking at a live picture from tel aviv. president obama just landed there for the start of a three-day visit to israel. first time he's been there as president. that's a beautiful, beautiful 747. >> do you see that smaller plane on the left. that's one of ours or one of theirs? >> it has the same colors. i don't know. did i see stars and stripes on it. there's probably enough people going with him they need -- 747 -- i don't know. >> there are a lot of people. look at equity futures at this hour. green arrows across the board. dow opened 53 points higher. we'll watch shares of home builder lennar today. 11 cents above estimate. revenue also above consensus. new orders jumped 34% over a year ago with home deliveries up 28% and backlog up 82%. >> in other news this morning, south korean police are investigating a hacking attack on an internet provider that brought down the servers of three broadcasters and two major banks. the army raised its alert level due to concerns. who do you think would be involved? yeah. north korea. >> dennis rodman's favorite
Mar 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
overwhelmingly passed the largely symbolic appeal of the tax. that helps to fund president obama's 2012 health care law. the senate voted on the tax but the resolution is not binding and it will not change the levy. so they get to say we voted to repeal it even though it doesn't actually repeal it. >> you said dumping duties? >> i said anti-dumping duties, actually. >> dumping duties. let's check on duties. >> d-u-t-i-e-s. >> okay. let's check on markets. i saw them early, even though -- >> duties? >> duties. kyle, you're still doing that, right? >> duties? yes. he doesn't call it that. >> oh, yeah, lots of them. you want a healthy -- you know? it's a growing boy. he's a big, strapping kid. >> he's got it. >> futures indicated higher even though europe is lower, up 13 points or so. not a great day yesterday. we lost about 90 on points. there's what's happening in crude this morning, up 21 cents a share -- or 21 cents a barrel. treasuries, 1 is.9%. i would have been watching grass dry for the last year or two and there's the dollar. 12.29 on europe. and then, you know, you would figure gold mig
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am EDT
of mava group and ceo. he's also a former obama task force senior member. you have done a lot of restructuring. the more i found out about cyprus the harder it is for me with a broad brush to detect others in europe. there are some countries that exist. it's treated better in a tax preferred way. it earns a return. i guess even switzerland to some extent is like that. what's the other one that's big? >> latvia. but what we think about with the issues in europe with the labor -- they need some structural reform long term. it's an entitlement state. they promised him. this is a totally different situation. this is a bunch of rich russians that went in there to try to sort of game the system. they found out there was a lot of investment in greek bond. so they're losing this money. why is this something that should bring down europe? >> i don't think it would be. it wasn't the russian flown that overinflated the system. it was that they invested in bad assets. >> you're greek, too. >> i am. today is greek independence day. it's a great day. >> you know a lot about this whole situa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6